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About Us

Founded in 2005, the Technical Study Venturelli deals with the design, the construction of photovoltaic systems for autonomous production of electricity and the development of unique solutions for the production of electricity from solar sources.
We are a reliable company prepared and able to study and implement the technology solution in the energy best suited to the needs of businesses and individuals and provide a package "turnkey" no surprises that will handle everything from design to delivery and installation of plants built, the paperwork with all the agencies, but also a single point of contact throughout the project on which they can depend.
Massimo Venturelli

Massimo started as a child to be attracted by the energy that could be drawn from the nature respectfully. With the passing years older he developed a passion for renewable energy derived from the sun, and when in 2005 the government established the first Italian Energy Bill's dream has come true. Passionately dedicated to the design and realization of new creations of solutions to produce energy from the sun.


Massimo oversees the technical direction, design and development of the study.

Responsible Office Practices

Flavio has joined the firm in 2008, after various experience gained in other sectors . He works full time in the formalities and the computer part .


We are a small company that is doing great things to support the environment by designing and developing solutions that are different. So what are you waiting for, contact us! We are at your disposal!

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